Dear USPA PDI Applicant,

Welcome to the 2017 USPA PDI Application and thank you in advance for applying.

The business of polo can be daunting at times and it is the intent of USPA Club Development team to help facilitate your path toward sustainability through education, one-on-one club consults, circuit strategic planning, forum invitations and shared best practices within the industry. However, there comes a time when a financial leg up can make all the difference in helping build momentum necessary to succeed or get to the next level. That is the intent of the USPA’s Polo Development Initiative, awarding funds spent on smart, carefully planned initiatives calculated to garnish positive measurable results that inevitably grow USPA Polo Membership.

Because if you don’t succeed, the sport of polo doesn't succeed.

USPA Club Development

For 2017 the USPA Board of Governors granted the PDI Program a budget increase of 87.5%, totaling $750,000 in possible funds available for distribution. The largest amount of PDI funding available to each club/school through the PDI application process is $10,000.

Your job is to design a project initiative, related to your club/school, worthy of such PDI funding. The Subcommittee will help support a project plan dedicated to increasing USPA membership, or one that will build a club’s spectator base, attract more junior players through an enriched teaching program or a project focused on increasing annual revenue through special event initiatives. Given the over 100 applicants, it is vital that you communicate your vision to the PDI Subcommittee so they clearly understand what you plan to do, how you plan to do it and what measured results you hope to achieve.

Our job, is to present your application’s project initiative to the PDI Subcommittee, tally the scores for final results and steward the awards.

Here is a FAQ about the 2017 USPA PDI Application.

Be sure to read and digitally sign the PDI Guidelines that clearly explain intent and purpose, funding priorities, application guidelines, approval process, managing of funded projects and application process. Any applications that are received without a confirmation stating that the applicant read and fully understands the 2017 PDI Guidelines terms & conditions will not be accepted.

Note, this year’s PDI application is to be filled out 100% on online, no hand written, faxed or email versions will be accepted. Once you click the final SUBMIT button at the end of the application, you cannot go back in to change or edit your answers. We suggest you print a copy of the application to familiarize yourself with the questions.

You will find the 2017 PDI Application is divided into two parts. Part A relates to the gathering of general information about your club/school and Part B is dedicated to your polo club/school’s intended PDI project initiative. Again, please be specific in describing your project, include mapping out how it will grow USPA membership, create better financial stability for your situation, as well as benefit your club/school in moving forward. Remember, the goal of a USPA PDI is not to subsidize your polo business, but instead to help with a momentary boost of financial momentum leading to sustainability.

Thank you again for applying. We look forward to contributing to your polo club/school’s success in the coming year.

Best regards,
USPA Club Development Team

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.