Below is a list of commonly asked questions that we get regarding the Polo Development Initiative. If your question is not answered below, please get in touch with us using the contact form on this page.


Who can apply for USPA PDI funding?

Any USPA Polo Club, Polo School or Junior Program affiliated with a USPA Polo Club that is in good standing with the USPA. College polo programs and individual polo players may not apply.


Where is the application?

Online at and


What is the application about?

The PDI program is a reimbursable program that supports USPA polo clubs and polo schools submitting project initiatives that will generate new members, momentum and help them reach financial sustainability.  It is not targeted for capital improvements.


Are there specific guidelines?

PDI Guidelines signNOW link


How much can I apply for?

Up to $10,000


What are potential reimbursable expenses pre-approved by the PDI Sub-Committee?

  • Chamber of Commerce Membership (or similar organizations)
  • Polo School Support
    • Lesson Horse Leasing
    • Winter Board
    • Equipment ( including Saddles, Bridles, Mallets, Foot Mallets, Facility Rental)
  • Marketing
    • Business Cards
    • Exit Flyers
    • Lesson Brochures
    • TV Promotion
    • Promo Videos
    • Website
  • Staff (including Manager, Instructor, Assistant Instructor, Assistant Instructor, Event Coordinator, Game Day Polo Supplies)


Are there any specific items that are NOT reimbursable?

A PDI Applicant Can Not Receive PDI Funds, Capital Improvements, Electric Bill, Farm Equipment, Fence Repair, Flaggers, Umpires, Hay, Feed, Horse Purchases, Horse Shoeing, Vetting, Tournament Fees, Trophies, Water Bill nor Light Bill.


How are applications approved?

The USPA PDI Subcommittee reviews and offers initial endorsement with final approval from USPA’s CEO. See PDI Guidelines signNOW page link IV. Approval Process


What is the PDI Subcommittee looking for in applications?

Clear, concise, manageable, planned out, results driven projects that lead to USPA Membership growth and polo club/school sustainability.


When is the deadline?

December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm est


When will we know if our polo club/school is awarded funding?

On or before March 15, 2018


How do I get my award?

SSince PDI is a reimbursable program, you will be paid when you submit the PDI invoice form, along with copies of your paid receipts totaling your awarded amount. Checks are processed in approximately 10-15 days and are either mailed or automatically deposited into your account when automatic deposit information is supplied. For the 2018 PDI Award, you have until December 1, 2018 to submit all invoices and copies of receipts.


Who will review and approve my application?

The USPA Polo Development Initiative Committee will review and approve my application.


Who can I talk to about my application project idea?

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.